Helping Your Family Reach Positive Resolutions

At Bobbie L. Sarff Johnson Attorney At Law, we know that collaboration is the most effective way to getting positive resolutions to family law issues. That's why we help divorcing couples through the alternative dispute resolution process and assist with mediation as well. When children are part of the equation, we help parents find peaceful ways of addressing things like custody arrangements and requests for child support.

When mediation doesn't work, we put the law on our client's side, helping them through litigation and our state's court system. We provide answers to our client's questions at every step of the process, keeping them well-informed and helping them to feel in control of a situation that they may think is out of their hands.

Compassionate Counsel You Can Trust

For more than two decades, Minnesotans have been coming to attorney Bobbie L. Sarff Johnson for help with their family law issues. Her compassion and understanding make people feel comfortable talking about their family law issues. But it's her experience and honesty that give her clients the confidence they need to take on even the most challenging family law issues.

Licensed since 1987, Bobbie L. Sarff Johnson has been practicing law in Minnesota for more than 28 years. She has a proven track record of helping her clients find constructive solutions they are happy with. To learn more about her skills and experience handling family law cases, take a look at her attorney profile provide below:

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If you want a lawyer you can feel comfortable talking to and whose advice can be trusted, then contact Bobbie L. Sarff Johnson for assistance. She is capable of addressing a variety of family law issues and has served Minnesotans in Baxter, the Brainerd Lakes area, and surrounding cities and counties. Call 218-829-0003 now or use our online contact form to get a personalized initial consultation today.